Maddies Mud and Flying Goat Coffee

Every Thursday and Sunday in San Rafael, California, Maddies Mud serves up sweet, smooth espresso drinks at the farmer’s market near the Marin Civic Center.    

Carlos Silva, the owner of Maddie’s Mud always greets everyone with a smiling face.   They feature espresso No. 9, from Flying Goat Coffee which is perfectly smooth, and sweet enough that it doesn’t need sugar.


Carlos is always fun to chat with, remembers his customers, and is continually learning more about coffee.  He will be heading to Colorado soon to learn more about making espresso at Allegro’s roastery.


He started his business in Baja, Mexico, and named his coffee business after his daughter, Madeline.   Maddie’s uses organic coffee beans and organic milk from local sources.

I have yet to visit Flying Goat Coffee in Santa Rosa, but it is next on my list.   They source sustainably grown coffee from around the world, and recently, their coffee buyer, Phil Anacker, attended the best of Panama competition in Boquete, Panama as a judge.


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