Coffee People and their Machines

Lately I’ve been noticing some ingenuity in coffee making machinery.   One of the more interesting is the Steampunk Coffee Machine by Alpha Dominche.   It uses a siphon brewing method.   My experience with siphon brewed coffee is, that it results in  cleaner cup, than say, a French Press, with virtually no sediment.

It also tends to have a more tea-like or wine-like mouthfeel to it.  Khristian Bombeck, who invented the Alpha Dominche, says that they use high temperature steam, which is different than siphon.   He also says that the machine brings flavors out from the coffee that they haven’t experienced before.   I thought of espresso, and how different it tastes from brewed coffee.
This seems like it falls somewhere in between an espresso, which uses pressure and steam, and French Press, which uses a hot water infusion method.   I’d love to try coffee brewed by the Steampunk machine.

They have a great video about the product here:

And then there is Kone from Able Brewing

Crazy Coffee Cubes…..which I have never seen before

And if you prefer to make cold drip coffee, Proper Coffee makes an interesting object d’ arte that is totally functional, and was funded by Kickstarter.

There is also Blossom Coffee, whose tagline is “better brewing through technology”

For travel, and on the go, there is the Impress Brewer.  I really like this travel brewer.   Shipping begins in April…but I want it now!



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