Coffee Culture from Sacramento, California

The coffee trail has taken me from Sydney, Australia, to Santa Cruz, California for the Southwest Regional Barista Competition, thus far.  I was introduced to Temple Coffee, Verve Roasters, and Chocolate Fish Coffee at the competition.  Temple Coffee had a booth at the event giving free samples of espresso drinks.   So…I decided I needed to visit Temple’s roastery and cafes in Sacramento.

I interviewed Eton Tsuno, master roaster for Temple Coffee, and Andy Baker, of Chocolate Fish Coffee.

Eton has many years of experience in coffee.  He started as a barista, and hasn’t changed course from coffee since then.   Husband and wife team Edie and Andy Baker started their New Zealand style coffee house in Sacramento in 2004 after researching several locations.

I enjoyed talking with both of them, and learning more about what each has to offer.   I also found that Sacramento is buzzing with fine coffee and artisan roasters!   In addition to Temple and Chocolate Fish, there is Insight, Old Soul and Broadacre.

In the first of a series of videos I will be posting, Eton talks about what specialty coffee is, and isn’t.

In the second video, both Eton and Andy talk about American coffee culture, as compared to European, Australian and New Zealand coffee culture.


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